How to share links to ebook passages

You can copy a link right from an ebook, or from the digital library after searching within a set, then share it with your colleagues. Shared links open directly to the passage in the ebook.

Note: Anyone who opens the link will need to sign into the digital library (if they aren't already signed in) and/or borrow the ebook (if it has limited availability).


Copying a link from an ebook

  1. Click or tap a highlighted passage. Or, click (or tap) and drag to select a passage.
  2. Select Copy passage link.
  3. In the "Copy passage link" box, click or tap the URL to copy it.
  4. Select Hide to return to the ebook.

Copying a link from the digital library

  1. Search a set for a phrase or keyword.
  2. Select Share.
  3. In the "Share" box that appears, click or tap the URL to copy it.