How to make annotations in ebooks

To make an annotation, click (or tap) and drag to select a passage. Then, select Add annotation to highlight the text.

If you'd like, you can change the color of the highlight (to see all highlight colors, select More). You may also be able to add a note.

Note: Some LexisNexis Digital Library collections don't have the ability to add notes.

If you add a note, you'll see a small icon next to the highlighted text.

Highlighter mode

To quickly make annotations, click (or tap) highlight icon at the bottom of the ebook reader and choose a color from the selector at the top. Then, click and drag text to highlight it in the color you chose and add a note (if desired).

Viewing your annotations

Click or tap Annotations icon at the bottom of the ebook reader to see all your annotations in that title. You can select an annotation to jump to that section or select Print to print all your entries.

To see your annotations for all titles, go to your My annotations page in the digital library. From there, you can: