Basic features of the ebook reader

To open the ebook reader, select Read next to a book.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can close the ebook and reopen it where you left off.

Navigating in an ebook

To turn the page, click or tap the right or left edge of the ebook.

Click or tap the middle of the screen to bring up the seek bar, which you can use to move backward or forward in the ebook. Below the seek bar, you'll see chapter breaks, bookmarks, and highlights.

Ebook reader features

You'll see many of the ebook reader features across the top of the screen, including:

  • Printing pages
  • Creating and viewing annotations
  • Creating bookmarks: Click or tap the bookmark icon (in the top-center) to place a bookmark. On a smaller screen, tap the top-right corner to place a bookmark.
  • Searching: Select Search or the search icon to look for a word or phrase within the ebook. You can also see and rerun your recent searches.
  • Viewing the table of contents: Select Table of Contents or table of contents icon, then click or tap a section to jump to that part of the ebook. You can also use the "Filter" field at the top to search and filter the table of contents.
  • Change your reading settings:
    • Text scale: Use the slider to adjust the size of the text in the ebook. For a wider range of text sizes, toggle Include accessibility sizes on.
    • Lighting: Choose Bright (black text on a white background), Sepia (dark red text on a tan background), or Dark (white text on a black background).
    • Book design: Choose a preset design, or select Custom to change the font, justification, line spacing, and text weight.
    • Display: On a larger screen, select one-page display icon or two-page display icon in the bottom-right to switch between a one-page and two-page display.

The menu

You'll find the menu icon in the top-right corner of the ebook reader.

In the menu, you can access your Bookmarks and see Tips for using the ebook reader.

On a device with a smaller screen, the features typically along the top of the reader will be collapsed into the menu.